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Assistance Program Descriptions


Ohio Works First (OWF)

The objective of the Ohio Works First Program is to assist people in becoming self sufficient and to take responsibility for the lives and well being of their family.  All families receiving Ohio Works First benefits have work requirements they must meet in order to receive those benefits.  All participants are evaluated to determine their employability. Participants not currently employed are required to take part in approved work activities. Adults with certain disabilities may be required to perform developmental or alternative work activities. 



SNAP is available to families and individuals to help supplement their ability to purchase food and improve their nutrition. Income and resource documentation must be provided to determine the level of food assistance the family or individual is eligible to receive. Benefits are issued electronically via the Ohio Direction Card which is accepted at most grocery stores across the state. 



Families and individuals must meet income and resource eligibility criteria to qualify for Medicaid Health coverage. For more detailed information about Medicaid, click here: HealthCheck and Healthy Start are Medicaid programs specifically for infants and children and can be used for preventative and diagnostic medical purposes.